The implementation of Artificial Intelligence initiatives without human rights considerations can have irreparable consequences

Therefore, it is essential to analyze the policies and initiatives developed at a regional level, identifying areas for improvement in light of current international principles and good practices that respond more appropriately to the local context.

Regional Trends on the Implementation of AI

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Case Studies

BRAZIL | National Employment System

#Brasil #Empleo #Perfilamiento #Laboral #Trabajo
A project that uses AI to profile unemployed people registered in the National Employment System, with the aim of offering them job opportunities.

CHILE | Child Alert System

#Chile #Social Protection #Children #Youth 
A system implemented in Chile to estimate and predict the risk levels of children and adolescents to suffer violations of their rights in the future. 


#Colombia #Judicial System #Constitutional Protection

Project by the Colombian Constitutional Court, which aims to streamline the selection process of cases of judicial protection of fundamental rights.

BRAZIL | Emergency Aid

#Brazil #Social Protection #Privacy #Covid19
Social protection program implemented in Brazil with the aim of mitigating the economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

URUGUAY | Coronavirus UY

#Uruguay #Health #Exposure Notification #Covid-19
Coronavirus UY is a free mobile application made available by the Uruguayan Ministry of Public Health to manage the COVID-19 pandemic in Uruguay.

Chile | Urban Crime Predictive System

#Chile #Delitos #Policía #Predicción #Vigilancia
System designed with the aim of efficiently directing preventive police patrolling, and defining areas of greater surveillance and control.