Sistema Alerta Niñez (Childhood Alert System) is a system implemented in Chile to to estimate and predict the risk levels of children and adolescents to suffer violations of their rights in the future, through an analysis of data from different administrative sources. In practice, it generates a “risk index” allowing the cases to be classified in order of priority making it possible for the State to anticipate and intervene early and preventively. The system has also become a platform for registering, managing and monitoring the cases of children and adolescents identified as being at higher risk.

Researcher: Matías Valderrama

Implementation State Pilot
Starting Date March 2019
Institution in charge of the implementation Subsecretaría de Evaluación Social, Subsecretaria de Niñez
Development of the System Private
Financing Model Public
Where any participatory mechanism implemented in the decision-making process about the system? No
Human Rights Impact Assessment No
Audits Yes
Use of Personal Data Yes
Specific Consent No
General Regulation on Personal Data Protection Yes
Data Protection Authority No